Sisters. Because we, as strong women have already overcome so much. We have a lot in common, we can be real, truly supportive and encouraging toward each other, and we can give ourselves the gift of belonging in this group together.
Synergy. Because in this group experience we become more than the sum of our parts. More honest, passionate, open, free and productive.
Circle. Because no one is above another in a circle. Each part matters and contributes from their strength. Like the wheel, we build momentum and make progress, working together. .

This unique group is for women wanting to move towards their dreams; who are willing to define and clarify their personal, relational, educational, business, ministry or creativity goals. Women willing to admit their fear and choose boldness. We are courageous women acting bravely.
We will meet twice a month for 6 months. (2nd and 4th Monday evenings from 6 -7:30pm.)
We will check in and connect with other healthy women who are also choosing to work toward their goals.  We will sort out our current 2-3 goals, formulate clear steps, provide accountability to promote follow-through, review progress, receive honest support and feedback. Then we'll define our next steps. Topics that support positive forward movement will be discussed. Time will be given to share what’s going on with you, your dreams and goals and your progress. We will encourage, inspire and positively influence each other. Questions will be discussed. Every Friday you will be asked to fill out an individual progress report on your goals emailed to me to help keep me informed and to help track your progress.  

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Step 1 - Fill out and send in the 'Group Coaching Application.'
Step 2 - I will confirm your application acceptance.
Step 3 - Send check - Fee $167 per month (6 month commitment) or for discount: Pay $967 total.
Mail to:  Mary Felch MA,  27001 La Paz Rd Suite 260,  Mission Viejo,  CA 92691
Step 4  - Come on Monday, January 11, 2016, at 6pm.

Mary's Group Coaching Program

'Sisters Synergy Circle'

This is a Powerful Women’s Group-Coaching experience. (This Is Not Therapy)